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The Secret of

Zoho Schools' Success!

What makes us Zoom to the Zenith in Experiential Learning? Is it powerful Zeal?
Or prolonged Zest? Above all, our success-secret is a more powerful 4-letter 
word that starts with 'Z' as well! Listen to our President Rajendran Dandapani 
reveal the answer!

Zoho Schools 

Online Entrance Exam

Our Online Entrance Exam is on Sunday, 20th June 2021. 
Here we roll out the most IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS as a video, presented by 
our President, @rajonthemove. Watch, Learn, and Follow them for a smooth 
test-taking experience. 
All the Best!

Why is there an age restriction to join 

Zoho Schools?

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. -said, Henry Ford.

Why then, do we have an age limit at Zoho Schools, you wonder? 

Watch now and learn!

Zoho Schools 

Admission 2021 - Part 1

Great news for all aspirants!
With a lofty vision guiding us and a fervent hope encouraging us, we have
decided to open our gates for recruitment at Zoho Schools of Learning. 
Excited? Take your first step by listening to our President,
Rajendran Dandapani, walk you through the entire application process!

Zoho Schools 

Admission 2021 - Part 2

Applied for our entrance test? 
Awaiting the next bit of news? 
Listen to our President, Rajendran Dandapani, give a thorough update on 
how exams and interviews will be conducted in this “new normal”. 
All the Best!

Zoho Schools      

Calendar 2021 - 2022

Listen to ZS President Rajendran Dandapani list out the Zoho Schools Calendar 
for 2021 to Ashwin (The Entrance Gate) and Joseph Stalin (INKJO Tech) 
in a freewheeling interview.

How to prepare for the 

Entrance Examination?

Our Annual Entrance Exam is around the corner! Career Guidance experts Ashwin(The Entrance Gate) and Joseph(InkJoTech) quizzed our President Rajendran Dandapani with a battery of questions that come up in their student channels! Here’s one conversation that is "answering your questions" about "answering our questions"!

Working Elsewhere, Higher Studies, after completing Zoho Schools?

Want to enroll at our meaningful alternative to conventional colleges? Great! Are you also wondering about alternative paths after the training? Listen to our President Rajendran Dandapani give a detailed answer, in the Quick Quiz by Ashwin (The Entrance Gate) and Joseph Stalin(Inkjo Tech).

All that you 

ever wanted to 

know about

Zoho Schools!

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