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Where is Zoho Schools Located?
Zoho Corp is fast expanding into multiple locations around the country. Mostly tier-2 and tier-3 locations, away from the pollution and hustle-bustle and traffic and costly rental/realestate of the cosmopolitan cities.

Coimbatore, Trichy, Salem, Tenkasi, Renigunta, Thirunelveli, and so many other locations.

These are locations for Zoho Corp offices, not Zoho School classrooms.

For the next two years or so, Zoho Schools will operate out of Chennai and Tenkasi offices of Zoho Corp.

What is the Secret of Zoho Schools' Success?

What makes us Zoom to the Zenith of Experiential Learning? Is it powerful Zeal? Or prolonged Zest? Above all, our success-secret is a more powerful 4-letter word, that incidentally starts with ‘Z’ as well! Listen to our President Rajendran Dandapani reveal the answer!

Is the training online/ part-time / Can I learn from my home?
The training is a full-time, focused program over the course of 2 years.

We have opened the physical campus of Zoho Schools after proper precautions and anti-covid safety measures.
Can students from other countries apply?

Thank you for your interest! Currently, we welcome applications from all over India. All the Best!

What will Zoho Schools teach me?
Zoho Schools trains students to become talented professionals who will architect Zoho Corp’s future! Our core departments are Technology, Design, and Business. To learn more about what each School teaches, visit their respective pages.

Zoho School of Technology - 

Zoho School of Design - 

Zoho School of Business - 

Zoho School for Advanced Study - 
Who are the faculty?
The subject-gurus at Zoho Schools hail from diverse backgrounds but work as one when it comes to empowering the students by guiding them and nurturing their innate talents. Our expert teachers are active practitioners of their skills too! Way back in 2005, we had started with two faculty members and a few part-timers from within our organization. Currently, we have more than 25 faculty members and many more mentors who volunteer from within the organization.

Learn more about our faculty at 
Is there any bond on signing up for Zoho Schools?

No, we don’t sign any bonds with our students. The only bond that ties our students with us is TRUST!

Do you provide any Degree or Certificate upon course completion?
We are NOT affiliated to nor have a tie-up with any conventional university, and we do not provide degrees.

Instead, at Zoho, we look for skillsets and abilities more than for paper credentials. And the world is warming up to the change too! Many leading companies have started looking for real talent and experience than for certificates. Our curriculum changes twice a year, and the day our students enter the team as employees, we proudly celebrate as the Ungraduation Day!
What job opportunities do students get after ZS?

After successful completion of the course, the students will automatically be inducted as employees into Zoho Corporation, a world leader in cloud-based software products. 

Read more about our alumni’s success stories and the roles they have been playing, here -

Wish to teach at Zoho Schools? Join our team!
Become a part of a 16-year-old mission that has been delivering meaningful alternative education and capturing the imagination of many. As a part of Zoho Schools, you will have a chance to lead our classrooms in line with our core values. You can positively influence the lives of students who will join Zoho’s workforce.

Apply for openings using the form at the bottom of our Staff page.

For faculty openings/general queries, mail us at
Is ZS a CSR initiative?

Our core principle at Zoho Schools is to spot talented students and lend an opportunity to them so they can work wonders. We are NOT part of any CSR initiative. While we know that our work is seen by some as a service to the nation and a boon to the under-privileged, we benefit as a company. We get amazing talent. A loyal workforce. A long-term talent who grows along with the company and pays it forward by spreading the word and helping with mentoring. So, yes, this is a social responsibility we wish more companies adopt, but this is not a “CSR initiative”.



Who can apply to Zoho Schools? What are the prerequisites and conditions?
High School / Diploma students whose age is within 17-20 can apply for Zoho Schools.

Please note that the candidate must NOT have completed any degree program. Graduate Freshers can apply to the Zoho School for Graduate Studies -
Can those who have completed a degree but still less than 20 years of age/Opted out of school after Grade 10/Grade 11 apply?
College graduates who have completed degrees can check Zoho School for Graduate Studies (, if they’re willing to join Zoho.

We don’t consider school drop-outs or opt-outs as blockades to join Zoho Schools. If you’re passionate about learning and can prove your skills to us, we welcome you to join us for a bright future!
Medium of instruction? Any exceptions to the admission rule?  
Our medium of instruction is predominantly a mix of Tamil and English. We're happy to share that students from other parts of the country have enrolled at Zoho Schools, learned to collaborate, and now grown into successful employees at Zoho Corp!
What is the course fee?
We do not charge our students any fees.

Instead, we pay a stipend - starting at Rs 10,000 /month - with a periodic performance-based increase throughout the course.
How do I apply for SAS?

School for Advanced Study is NOT OPEN FOR ENTRY ON DAY ONE.

You first have to get admitted into Zoho Schools, after a month of settling-down, we will invite you to APPLY to the School for Advanced Study. If you clear the additional requirements, we will allow you into it.

At the School for Advanced Study, we allow you an option to choose an Elective other than the core school you were admitted in. We also allow you to take up ADVANCED courses in the same domain you were admitted in.But, this depends on how well you perform during the first month of your stay with us.

Details about the stipend offered, facilities provided  
We provide our students with a stipend of Rs.10,000/- per month during their first year of training. This amount goes up to Rs. 20,000/- based on their performance during their second year (internship). Once they successfully complete the training, they become employees at Zoho Corp and follow the career path and salary structure of our regular employees.


Our students can access the office-provided facilities for free - Three meals per day + Snacks, Shuttle services for pick up and drop, A/C classrooms, Internet, etc. Although we do NOT provide any accommodation facilities (Hostels), we have a large, friendly alumni network who help newly inducted students to find accommodation close to the office. Potheri is a university town, blessed as it is with the buzzing neighborhood of SRM University
I don't know programming. Is it okay?

The School of Tech will teach you how to program. Don't worry. Focus on Math and English skills.

I don't know graphic design, Is it okay?

The School of Design will teach you how to draw on the computer. Don't worry. Focus on honing your paper-pen/cil drawing skills.

I don't know software sales, Is it okay?

The School of Business will teach you about selling software. Don't worry. Focus on your English writing and speaking skills.

I know marketing and selling already. What do you have for me?

Great! You can consider applying for the School for Advanced Study that opens up for already admitted students, after they spend a month settling in. At the School for Advanced Study, we allow students to select more advanced topics for in-depth study. We also allow students to choose ONE Elective (from Tech / Design / Biz) in addition to the MAIN Course they have already opted for. More details about this will be made available to you AFTER you pass our tests and interviews. Please don't ask any further questions about this now.

Course Duration and Mode
Zoho Schools is a full-time alternative to conventional college education with 1 year of classroom training followed by 1 year internship in Zoho Corp. 

Classes will be conducted at our office premises in Chennai and Tenkasi.

About our curriculum
The motto of ZS is to impart knowledge that is relevant, contemporary, and meaningful. Hence, the curriculum undergoes revision regularly. Specifically, we don’t publish a syllabus or curriculum. We keep an eye out for market trends, an ear open for needs and demands from within the product manager community at Zoho Corp, and remain agile in our ability to switch tracks and include/exclude/modify programs along the way.

  • The Zoho School of Technology focuses on what is needed to become a well-rounded software engineer. 
  • The School of Design is for students with a keen interest in art and a discerning eye for aesthetic detail. 
  • The School of Business focuses on prompt support, effective marketing, and efficient sales needed for a successful business.
Can I continue my degree studies during ZS?
We do NOT recommend that our students pursue degrees while studying at Zoho Schools. Our course is a focused program, which aims to transform students into trained professionals in just 2 years! To make the best of this opportunity, it is advisable that students target their complete focus and efforts in our training.
Higher Studies/work elsewhere after ZS?
Want to enroll at our meaningful alternative to conventional colleges? Great! Are you also wondering about alternative paths after the training? Listen to our President Rajendran Dandapani give a detailed answer!

Co-curricular activties?
Yes, our training is aimed at enriching students’ lives and building them into better professionals, better people. So, in addition to extensive training in the chosen domain, we include Soft Skills, Interpersonal and Communication skills, Workplace Ethics, Business Understanding, also Sport and Fitness sessions. Our alumni have set a solid track record of winning various InterCorp Sport Tournaments!
Which programming language(s) do you prefer in Zoho School of Technology ?

In the year 2005, when we started Zoho Schools, we taught C, C++, PHP. We evolved fast, and moved on to Java. Around 2009, we started focusing on Python too. In the past four years, we have been teaching Java, Javascript+HTML+CSS, Kotlin, and Swift.

Things keep changing. Just like the dress you wear, the heroes in cinema, the bestsellers in bookshops.Be ready!

What is the timeline in Zoho Schools?

Classes usually begin in the month of April. By the following February , you will be placed as interns in various teams across the company (you will be able to choose, if you perform really well throughout the year!) (Your stipend will get a raise, during this period). Sometimes, the placement may be at a different location.

Two years down the lane, you will be confirmed as an employee in the prestigious Zoho Corporation, and your pay will be equivalent or higher than the pay a typical college fresher graduate gets when he/she enters the company. (About 6L to 9 L per year).

What do students do after graduating from Zoho Schools?

Hundred percent of the student community that graduates successfully every year is offered employment at Zoho Corp. Most of them even get multiple opportunities to choose from. Here is a gallery of employee profiles who were once students at Zoho Schools.

I know programming already. What do you have for me?

Great! You can consider applying for the School for Advanced Study that opens up for already admitted students, after they spend a month settling in. At the School for Advanced Study, we allow students to select more advanced topics for in-depth study. We also allow students to choose ONE Elective (from Tech / Design / Biz) in addition to the MAIN Course they have already opted for. More details about this will be made available to you AFTER you pass our tests and interviews. Please don't ask any further questions about this now.

I know computer graphics already. What do you have for me?

Great! You can consider applying for the School for Advanced Study that opens up for already admitted students, after they spend a month settling in. At the School for Advanced Study, we allow students to select more advanced topics for in-depth study. We also allow students to choose ONE Elective (from Tech / Design / Biz) in addition to the MAIN Course they have already opted for. More details about this will be made available to you AFTER you pass our tests and interviews. Please don't ask any further questions about this now.



The various schools at Zoho Schools of Learning
Zoho Schools aims and works to provide contextual, relevant, and experiential education, and train students to become well-rounded professionals to successfully perform in the various domains of Zoho, a global leader in cloud-based software products. Hence, we train students in three core departments of software industry - Technology, Design, and Business. More about our Schools follows:
What is the Zoho School of Technology

Zoho School of TECHNOLOGY is for students looking for a well-rounded training in software engineering and product development. This school functions from two locations - Chennai and Tenkasi.


What is the Zoho School of Design?
Zoho School of DESIGN is for students with a keen interest in art and an eye for aesthetic detail. It is a finishing school for user experience professionals. Read more at
What is the Zoho School of Business?
Zoho School of BUSINESS

A successful business needs more than just high tech and great visual design. A heady mix of excellent support, effective marketing, and efficient sales is as important. If you have a yen for selling, a way with people, and power over the written (and spoken) word, we might be your meaningful alternative to a conventional business school degree. Read more at
What is the Zoho School for Advanced Study?
Zoho School for Advanced study serves as an Honors Program, allowing students to develop a breadth of knowledge in multiple fields. This is similar to students doing a major and a minor in a standard baccalaureate program. The two fields can be any two fields from three (tech, business, and design). All the other terms such as the stipend and course duration remain the same. Candidates who aspire to join this program must apply for their core/primary department, and after getting selected, shall also be evaluated for their elective/secondary department and be welcomed to join the School for Advanced Study.

What is the Zoho School for Graduate Studies?

The Zoho School for Graduate Studies is an offering from Zoho Schools of Learning targeted at graduate students of all ilk who are looking to enter into employment at Zoho Corp but are finding it difficult to bridge the gap from academia to industry. Anyone who is over 20, younger than 24, is welcome to apply. It does not matter if you hold a degree or not. (This school is NOT for Diploma/School students who can join the main course of Zoho Schools) 

To know more, please visit


How to prepare for the Entrance Examination?
Zoho Schools has three departments - Technology, Design, and Business. Once a candidate has chosen a school and applied for the exam, they can know more about what is expected from them by reading about the respective school. You can find the school’s page under Schools Menu at the top of our website. We also share Sample Questions every week. Check them here! -

All the Best!
About the tests and interviews we use for evaluation
We conduct different levels of tests and interviews to recruit students for Zoho Schools. We keep our candidates updated through mails and posts on our social media pages.

Here are our examination procedures:

Why is there an age restriction to join Zoho Schools?
Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. -said, Henry Ford. Why then, do we have an age limit at Zoho Schools, you wonder?

Watch this video where our President, Rajendran Dandapani, gives the answer!

What is examless evaluation?
Examless Evaluation is a unique practice at Zoho Schools to assess candidates based on their work which serves as the best proof of their innate talent and skills. 

To know more about Examless Evaluation, visit where we have more information and the application form.
Can I apply for both examless and the regular entrance exam?
If a candidate applied for Examless Evaluation and 
didn’t get shortlisted, he/she can try appearing 
through the regular entrance exam.
When will examless/ent exam results be announced?
The results of the Examless Evaluation for recruiting
 the Class of 2025 will be shared with the shortlisted 
candidates, as and when we complete the process. 
Please check the inbox of your registered e-mail address
 to know if you’ve been shortlisted. 

The regular entrance exam results for the
 School of Technology(Chennai,Tenkasi) will be 
announced on the same day as the test. 

The entrance exam results for the School of
 Business will be shared with the shortlisted candidates,
 as and when we complete the process.
Is there reservation for economically backward?
Economically Backward reservation does not exist at

Zoho Schools.Reasons:- This is job-focused

training and practical education

tuned to prepare you for a career at Zoho Corp.

Zoho Corp does not have any reservations for

economically backward. No private company will

have such an arrangement.And so, Zoho Schools

too, does not believe in such arrangements. On the

other hand, we provide free computer, free food,

don't charge fees, give a stipend of 10000 rupees

per month. Potheri / Mathalamparai are

exceptionally well-suited places for economical

living and happy learning. So, you won't have to

worry about "financing your way" through

higher education. Zoho Schools was BORN because

we wanted to have a solution that did not

disadvantage the economically backward.

What document should I bring for verification?
You can bring any government-issued 
documents/mark-sheets, for the same.    
When is the last date to apply?
Our examless admission form ( will be open until the last date of application. All details about ongoing recruitment are shared on the website and our social media pages. We are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Follow our news and stay updated!
When can I reapply if I do not get selected?
If a candidate doesn’t get selected in an exam, he/she must wait for 6 months before re-applying, provided he/she is still eligible per our admission criteria. Our admission form will be opened when we start recruitment for the next academic year.
How do we contact you? Is there any contact number?
Contact us @ for queries related to admission. For general queries,

Join our FaceBook Group to get all your doubts solved!
In which languages could we expect the Question Paper?
The question paper for the School of Technology will be bilingual ( English & Tamil). For the School of Business, English.
What is the syllabus for the tests?
The school of technology will test your mathematical aptitude,

The school of design will want to probe you for your artistic skills and tool knowledge,

The school of business will be all about your people interaction skills and your linguistic ability,

Overall, this is not going to be a hard test/interview for anybody with fresh and contextual knowledge of what was taught during high school or diploma courses in the Maths and English lectures.

Best wishes!
Can those under 17 years apply to ZS?

Sorry, you have to wait until you reach our minimum age qualification. We appreciate your enthusiasm, and we look forward to meeting you soon. Meanwhile, please focus on Mathematics and English. These two subjects will serve you VERY WELL for VERY LONG!

What is Zestober?

An all-month fest of daily curated challenges in

Coding, Designing, Writing, and Problem Solving! Skilled aspirants can take up challenges, consistently prove their talent, and win a seat at Zoho Schools, without waiting for the annual entrance test! For more information and registration form, click the link below!

What is the student intake number/count at ZS?

We don't have such restrictions and limits about numbers.

But, here is a secret! We ideally want hundred percent of our students coming out of initiatives like Zestober and Examless. If you are talented and professional in your approach, you don't need to bother about number of seats. We will CREATE a seat for you and accommodate you!

What is Consistent Performer mode of applying to ZS?

We want to give you a special consideration if you have been having a consistent stellar record for the last three academic years of your schooling. Please use this form to submit your application to us, and bypass the written test and join us directly at the interview stage. We need a higher official from your academic institution to vouch for your record, with the institution's stamp of authority.



When will the next exam be?

The next upcoming exam date and venue will ALWAYS BE available on our website If for some reason, you don't find a date there, it means we have NOT finalised the date yet. Do not ask us or write to us. Just visit the website after a week or so. The date will be shown on the homepage.

Where will the next exam be?

The next upcoming exam date and venue will ALWAYS BE available in our website We usually conduct exams in our Chennai office and our Tenkasi office. We also conduct mass-recruitment drives in locations around the country. Follow our Twitter page for updates on the next mass recruitment drive. Occasionally, we also conduct online tests. We will announce about ALL THESE tests (chennai, tenkasi, other locations, online) in our website homepage and our social media. If for some reason, you don't find a date there, it means we have NOT finalised the date yet. Do not ask us or write to us. Just visit the website after a week or so. The date and venue will be shown on the homepage.

What will be asked in the School of Tech test?

Mathematics and English will be important subjects here. Word problems featuring algebra and equation-solving, puzzles, visual challenges, and basic number sense will be tested here. Computer programming knowledge is NOT necessary.

What will be asked in the School of Design test?

Your sense of aesthetics, choice of color, understanding of proportion, perspective, and symmetry will be important subjects here. You may be asked to draw on the spot, with a pen and paper. Computer Graphics knowledge is NOT necessary.

How many marks should I score?
Each question paper tends to be different. 
We never repeat our questions. So, we don't have 
a single cutoff mark that you need to score. 
We don't disclose the marks either, so you won't 
know how much you scored. Zoho Corp is a 
fast-growing company, and Zoho Schools 
supplies only 15 percent of the workforce needed 
by Zoho Corp every year. So, if you do creditably 
well in the test, you will be accepted as a student. 
There are no hard and fast cutoffs.
What will be asked in the interview?

The interview will typically evaluate your body

language, your ability to hold a good conversation,

your defence for some of the questions you had

answered earlier in the day in the written test.

Some general knowledge concepts from your

chosen domain (technology, design, business)

will be asked. WE WILL NOT be asking for your

certificates and academic / extracurricular


What language will the test be in?

The School of Tech will test you mostly in

fundamentals of mathematics. But, the questions

will be in the form of word problems, and you will

need to know enough English to understand them.

We often provide Tamil translations of the question

paper, and our invigilators will be around to give

you clarifications about ambiguous text.

The School of Design will test you mostly in

fundamentals of artistic skill. So, language won't

really be important. Anyway, the questions will be

bilingual. Available in English as well as Tamil.

The School of Business will test you in your grasp

of the English language. Writing and Speaking skills

are important for a Student from the

School of Business, and so, the test will be in English.

High-level English, to be specific.

Can I edit my exam date ?

If your intent is to change your exam date

because you reserved a date but won't be able

to make it on that date, don't worry. We will just

knock you off the list if you don't turn up.

You can apply again using the form in the

website, and reserve another seat at another


What is the question paper format?

Just come with a good frame of mind, a pen, a pencil, an eraser, a mobile phone with data connection, a document proving your name, date of birth. If you are well-prepared, strong in your fundamentals, you will find the question paper quite easy, and you will have enough time to finish and cross-check your answers. The Tech question paper will have multiple choice questions and fill-in-the-box questions too. The Design question paper won't be seen.The Business question paper will have some multiple-choice, some fill-in-the-box, and some essay-type requirements

What will be asked in the exam?

Depending on the School you have chosen to apply for, we will test you for basic skills and aptitude. There is no syllabus other than Class X-level subject knowledge. There is no model question paper other than what you can find in the gallery of questions linked below.

What will be asked in the School of Business test?

Your understanding of the world of marketing and entrepreneurship, your exposure to terminology in the world of software business, and your thinking styles will be evaluated. You will be tested for your ability in English (vocabulary, grammar, comprehension). You may be given assignments to work on the spot or over the weekend, to prepare and deliver a presentation / pitch on a proposed topic. Prior knowledge of marketing and sales concepts is NOT necessary.

If I pass the exam, what happens next?

After the written test(s), we have a round of interview(s). The s in brackets indicate that there may be more than one test, and more than one interview. Be prepared to spend the whole day at the venue, on Entrance Test Day. It will start with registration around 9:30 am, and end with admission letter offers for the selected lucky few, around 5 pm in the evening.

If I fail the exam, what happens next?

We expect you will want to apply again. Thousands of candidates each year, attempt multiple times before getting admitted. Please prepare, sharpen your skills and dust out your rusty math / art / english concepts as the case may be, and come back again for the next attempt. Good luck!

Will there be an online test?

During Covid, we had to conduct online tests because of social distancing and lockdown. But, now, we have returned to pre-covid procedures. We conduct exams at our offices in Chennai and Tenkasi, and also in other locations around the country. We don't foresee having to conduct online tests ever again. But, just in case we do, we will announce them at our website, youtube, and social media pages. Keep an eye out.

Can I attempt the entrance test of another school?

We usually discourage this. We strongly feel pursuing your passion elsewhere is better than trying again at Zoho Schools for something that you are not passionate about. But, if you truly feel you are multi-talented, you are welcome to attempt any other entrance test after the cool-off period.

Do you consider HSC marks and entrance both for eligibility or only based on entrance exam?

We do not consider marks. we don't really take into account what subjects you have studied in school, what board exams you passed, what marks you scored. Your performance in our entrance test and interview are all that matters. Please watch our videos in youtube to understand the philosophy a bit more.

How often ZS exams happen ?

We conduct Zoho School Entrance tests MULTIPLE TIMES every year, in multiple locations, in chennai, in tenkasi, and at campuses around the country. We also conduct Zestober and Examless, two unique approaches to recruit talent at Zoho Schools.

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