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The Zoho School of Business was conceived in 2019, as a way to bridge the huge gap between industry expectations and the guidance typically provided in academia, especially in Business Schools. Drawing from the indigenous knowledge Zoho had developed over the years in the SaaS domain, the L&D team at Zoho Schools has curated a curriculum perfectly suited for the modern workplace. It is indeed a matter of pride to us that Zoho is a forerunner in the domain of SaaS, and has successfully spread its wings across the length and the breadth of the globe.


The concepts taught in this compact two-year course spans the spectrum of Business Principles and Management, Business English & Soft Skills, Business Math, Design Fundamentals, Intrapreneurship, Product Management, Product Marketing and Sales, Strategic Planning and Branding. The students also undergo rigorous training on public-speaking and leadership skills. The motto of ZS is to impart knowledge that is relevant, contemporary, and meaningful. Hence, the curriculum undergoes revision regularly.


The students go about setting their goals and reach milestones under the mentorship of their educators. Around eight months into the course, the students choose their desired stream of work - content writing, marketing, sales, pre-sales or customer support.

Regular guest lectures on the developments in the business world by the doyens of Zoho prove useful in giving them an immersive learning environment.


We are on the lookout for students who have good communication skills in English, a fairly good numerical aptitude, and an abiding love to engage and connect with people.

Wishing you an enriching journey at ZS!

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