In the three years since its founding, Zoho School for Advanced Study has trained many passionate and talented students into software architects at Zoho.

We believe that education should be relevant to the students’ career, contextual to their passion, and can be taught no better than with an experiential approach. The faculty who train students here are real-time practitioners at Zoho, a group of Software Development ninjas, UI/UX gurus, and master-strategy planners who continue to power Zoho as a leading business solutions provider across the globe.


We teach the essentials of Software Development - we teach robust programming languages like Java, Python, Swift, Kotlin, and also cutting-edge technologies like data science and machine learning.

We teach Mathematics - which focuses on Joyful Problem Solving rather than a bulky formulae. We teach English that is essential to communicate in a business environment and is also of immense use in expanding students' learning horizons. We also train in Communication and Soft Skills, the mastering of which helps in delivering outstanding presentations of ideas.

We equip our students with knowledge related to Algorithms and Data Structures: we explore innovations in the history of computational technology and learn how algorithms powered the evolution of Computer Science at each stage.

We have successfully trained students in domains such as Mobile Development (iOS and Android), Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security and the aesthetics of UI/UX Design.


Students who aspire to enroll in the School for Advanced Study are expected to have

  • Prior programming knowledge,
  • Good problem-solving skills related to Mathematics and Aptitude,
  • Good communication skills in English - the capability to understand  (read/listen) as well as interpret (write/speak).


Apart from the above-mentioned core skills, we expect students to be capable of Self-learning, the one habit that will help them make the best of every day opportunities in their career. 

"With great freedom comes great responsibility" - hence we want our students to be highly responsible to use this great opportunity.

All the Best!