Join the marathon 


With us!

Presenting ZESTOBER - a pathbreaker 

from Zoho Schools!

An all-month fest of daily curated challenges in
Coding, Designing, Writing, and Problem Solving!  

Skilled aspirants can take up challenges, consistently prove their talent, and win a seat at Zoho Schools, without waiting for the annual entrance test!

Here’s a platform where you can showcase your prowess! Join us on a month-long journey! We are as excited to review your work as we hope you are about creating your masterpiece!

Come on in! Let’s begin the adventure! 

Watch these videos to know all about Zestober, before 
proceeding to the application form.

Zestober 2023

English video

Tamil video

Hindi video

Here are a few
essential tips for interacting with us 

You will need to install :

Zoho Connect, to post your submissions.

It can be accessed via the web too, on any plain internet-connected laptop

Please download, install, sign up, and then visit the appropriate URL to take part in the ZESTOBER challenge. 

We’ll post prompts every day - You have exactly a day’s time to turn in your work, preferably before 11 PM. 

Use the appropriate link to submit your work. Post your work as a comment in the appropriate post on Connect. (Please note - your submission won’t be visible until the next day, as it will be hidden from all viewers by the evaluation squad). 

Do not plagiarise your work. Please come up with your own content/code/design/solution work. 

Please note that submissions beyond the deadline will not be accepted. The respective questions will be locked out from additional comments. 

Be punctual and consistent. This is a month-long competition that tests not only your creativity but also your consistency. 

Only one submission per prompt is allowed. In case of multiple submissions, the latest submission will be considered for evaluation. 

Applications Closed!

We have closed the application window and moved to the evaluation phase.
We will again open for Zestober admissions in October 2024.
Keep an eye out for announcements on our social media handles.

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