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Boot Camp

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Attention prospective applicants for the Zoho School for Graduate Studies!

We regret to inform you that we will not be accepting any external applications at this time.

Please stay tuned for future updates and announcements regarding the application process. Thank you for your interest in our program. We look forward to welcoming our new cohort of students!

Keep an eye out for announcements in our social media handles.

A Preparatory

Boot Camp

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Last date 

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July 2022

Entrance examination:

August 2022

The Zoho School for Graduate Studies is aimed at helping college graduates bridge the gap between academia and industry. 

It is a focused, experiential training program to help freshers launch into their careers.

ஸோஹோ​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ஸ்கூல்ஸின் ஒரு புதிய பிரிவு தான் ஸோஹோ ஸ்கூல் ஃபார் கிராஜுவேட் ஸ்டடீஸ்! இது, கல்லூரிப் படிப்பிற்கும் நவீன தொழில்நுட்ப அறிவுத் தேவைக்கும் இடையே உள்ள வெற்றிடத்தை நிரப்பி, இளம் கல்லூரிப் பட்டதாரிகள் தங்கள் வெற்றிப்பாதையை தொடங்க உதவும் ஒரு அனுபவபூர்வமான பயிற்சி!

You are passionate. You are enthusiastic. But, for some reason, you have missed the opportunity at Zoho by a whisker. This school is for you.

Zoho brings you a preparatory boot camp that will help you polish your skills and prepare you for the real world.

Zoho School for Graduate Studies is a program to lend you a helping hand so you don't miss an opportunity ever againA first-of-its-kind program to give you a second chance to zero in on the company of your dreams.

Our intensive training and finishing touch will offer you that vital second shot at a career with Zoho Corp.



"I would have joined Zoho Schools if only I had known earlier. Why penalise us just because we have a degree?" - they asked us.

The ZSGS is an offering from ZSL targeted at graduate students of all specialisations who are looking to enter into employment at Zoho Corp, but are finding it difficult to bridge the proverbial gap between academia and industry.


Any fresh graduate who is actively looking for 'that one chance'.

Anybody older than 20 and younger than 24. You should not have any active engagements ongoing at college.


If you are already employed, you cannot apply for this program.

If you are yet to complete your degree, we recommend that you finish that first. You can apply through our standard recruitment process, or to ZSGS at a later time.

This is NOT for high school/diploma students aiming to join Zoho School of Tech/Business/Design/Advanced Study. 

Please visit our official Zoho Schools website if you are considering applying for that 2-year program.


Zoho School for Graduate Studies is an experiential three-month course with an innovative structure to enhance the trainee’s skillset on various aspects of the full stack of technologies needed for a career in SaaS development. We will be adding more subjects and topics soon.

Our training is designed to aid and guide trainees in their self-learning journey through various technologies.

This program will NOT have any regular classroom training.

The trainees will be guided through an online course involving relevant technological concepts and associated assignments.

After the successful completion of the training period, the selected candidates will be invited to appear for a special direct interview at Zoho Corp.


What is Zoho Schools for Graduate Studies?

Zoho Schools for Graduate Studies is a 3-month training program for fresh graduates from any stream. It is a second chance for graduates who narrowly missed entering Zoho's workforce. The course is designed to make the graduate industry-ready. 

Can students in their final year of college apply?

We are looking for graduates who do not have any active engagements in college. You may apply to ZSGS after you complete your degree.

Can someone who just started a job at a company and got to know about ZSGS apply?

 We prefer that you continue your career journey at your present company. There is no job assurance after ZSGS. In case you are willing to risk it all, you are welcome. You may consider applying for relevant job openings in Zoho.Please   visit  https://careers.zohocorp.com to know the current openings.

Can only engineers apply for this boot-camp?

Graduates from any stream can apply. But, a basic understanding of any programming language(preferably C/C++/Java) is expected to attend our entrance exam.

Can Diploma candidates apply?

This program is NOT for high school/diploma students aiming to join Zoho School of Tech/Business/Design/Advanced Study. Applicants who are eligible for  Zoho Schools of Learning  are not eligible for  Zoho Schools for Graduate Studies and vice versa. 

Is programming knowledge mandatory to apply to ZSGS?

Since this is a boot-camp for software development, we prefer the candidates to have a basic understanding of Java or any programming languages. You needn't have a degree in computer science, but you need to have done some programming work sometime in your career.

What is the duration of the course?

This course is for three months

Is this an online or in-campus training?

This is NOT an online course.  Classes will be conducted ONLY at our office premises in Chennai and Tenkasi.

Location:  https://www.zohoschools.com/contact
What are the prerequisites for the entrance exam?

The applicant should have attempted one or more levels of Zoho Corporation's entrance test. Applicants are expected to bring a laptop/smartphone and have access to an uninterrupted internet connectivity to take part in the entrance exam (and interviews). Once selected, the trainees are expected to bring their laptops during the entire training period.

How does one prepare for the entrance test?

Zoho School for Graduate Studies will test your mathematical aptitude and programming fundaments(C/C++/Java). The pattern for the entrance exam will include MCQs, fill up the blanks, coding and debugging. 

How many levels of tests/interviews to get into ZSGS?

The candidates will go through multiple levels of tests and upon clearing them, will go through a series of interviews.The pattern for the entrance exam will include MCQs, fill up the blanks, coding and debugging. 

What is the exam duration?

The duration of the first level will approximately be 1.5 hours. Those who clear it, need to be prepared to spend the entire day at our campus for the next rounds of test and interviews. 

Is there a job assurance after successful completion of this course?

There is no job assurance. After the training you will be given opportunities to appear for special direct interviews at Zoho.

When can I reapply if I do not clear the training/entrance test?

Yes, you can re-apply after a cooling-off period of 3 months, and aim to get selected for the boot-camp six months after the one you missed. If you have not cleared our boot-camp/ passed in previous boot-camp, but didn't take up, you need to reapply and take the entrance test six months after the one you missed.

I would like to apply for a job as a faculty at Zoho Schools. How do I proceed?

Teachers who wish to join us may apply through our website. Become a part of a 17-year-old mission that has been delivering meaningful alternative education and capturing the imagination of many. We only look for passion, commitment and a non-formal mindset. Join us!

All the best!

Who can apply to ZSGS?

Any fresh graduate from any stream having prior programming knowledge and aged between 20 and 24 years, can apply. Those above 24 years or do not have programming knowledge, can directly apply to suitable openings at Zoho Corporation. Please visit 

https://careers.zohocorp.com   to know the current openings.

Can experienced software engineers apply?

Experienced software engineers who are not currently working elsewhere and below 24 years can apply. 

Can post-graduates apply?

Yes, post-graduates aged between 20 to 24 years from any stream having prior programming knowledge can apply.

Can candidates above 24 years apply?

Those above 24 years, can directly apply to openings at Zoho Corporation. Please visit      https://careers.zohocorp.com to know the current openings.

Do you have any similar programs for someone on a career break?

Women on a career break who wish to relaunch their career may apply through our Marupadi program. Men who are on a career break can directly apply to Zoho Corporation. Please visit   https://careers.zohocorp.com to know the current openings. 

When is the course starting? When are admissions open every year?

We have three boot-camps each year. They start in January, May, and September. The Recruitment process happens every April, August, and December. Keep an eye out on our social media handles, we are on  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn

What is taught during the course?

Currently we focus on backend(Java) and mobile(android, iOS) development. In future, more topics and streams will be added.

How do you select candidates? Will there be an entrance exam?

Yes, entrance exam and subsequent round of interviews are conducted for candidate selection.Questions will include Mathematical/Logical Aptitude and Basic Programming questions from the C or Java programming languages. Those who know other programming languages will also be able to attend the exam.

How many questions? Exam Syllabus?

The pattern changes every time. We can’t tell you about syllabus and number of questions, in any more detail. The pattern for the entrance exam will include MCQs, fill up the blanks, coding and debugging. 

Will the selected candidates be asked to pay fees for training or sign any BONDS?

We do not collect fees from selected candidates. Instead, we give a stipend of Rs 10,000 per month. We do not ask our trainees to sign any bond.

What if I do not get placed?

Each trainee who successfully completes the course is given multiple interview opportunities at Zoho Corporation. In case they do not get placed, they can still apply for openings at   https://careers.zohocorp.com

How can a candidate contact us?

Applicants can email us at gradstudies@zohoschools.com or join this WhatsApp group.

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