A Preparatory

Boot Camp

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We have closed admissions for the September cohort! 

We will again open for admissions to the Zoho School for Graduate Studies in November 2022.

Keep an eye out for announcements in our social media handles.

A Preparatory

Boot Camp

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July 2022

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August 2022

The Zoho School for Graduate Studies is aimed at helping college graduates bridge the gap between academia and industry. 

It is a focused, experiential training program to help freshers launch into their careers.

ஸோஹோ​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ஸ்கூல்ஸின் ஒரு புதிய பிரிவு தான் ஸோஹோ ஸ்கூல் ஃபார் கிராஜுவேட் ஸ்டடீஸ்! இது, கல்லூரிப் படிப்பிற்கும் நவீன தொழில்நுட்ப அறிவுத் தேவைக்கும் இடையே உள்ள வெற்றிடத்தை நிரப்பி, இளம் கல்லூரிப் பட்டதாரிகள் தங்கள் வெற்றிப்பாதையை தொடங்க உதவும் ஒரு அனுபவபூர்வமான பயிற்சி!

You are passionate. You are enthusiastic. But, for some reason, you have missed the opportunity at Zoho by a whisker. This school is for you.

Zoho brings you a preparatory boot camp that will help you polish your skills and prepare you for the real world.

Zoho School for Graduate Studies is a program to lend you a helping hand so you don't miss an opportunity ever againA first-of-its-kind program to give you a second chance to zero in on the company of your dreams.

Our intensive training and finishing touch will offer you that vital second shot at a career with Zoho Corp.



"I would have joined Zoho Schools if only I had known earlier. Why penalise us just because we have a degree?" - they asked us.

The ZSGS is an offering from ZSL targeted at graduate students of all specialisations who are looking to enter into employment at Zoho Corp, but are finding it difficult to bridge the proverbial gap between academia and industry.


Any fresh graduate who is actively looking for 'that one chance'.

Anybody older than 20 and younger than 24. You should not have any active engagements ongoing at college.


If you are already employed, you cannot apply for this program.

If you are yet to complete your degree, we recommend that you finish that first. You can apply through our standard recruitment process, or to ZSGS at a later time.

This is NOT for high school/diploma students aiming to join Zoho School of Tech/Business/Design/Advanced Study. 

Please visit our official Zoho Schools website if you are considering applying for that 2-year program.


Zoho School for Graduate Studies is an experiential three-month course with an innovative structure to enhance the trainee’s skillset on various aspects of the full stack of technologies needed for a career in SaaS development. We will be adding more subjects and topics soon.

Our training is designed to aid and guide trainees in their self-learning journey through various technologies.

This program will NOT have any regular classroom training.

The trainees will be guided through an online course involving relevant technological concepts and associated assignments.

After the successful completion of the training period, the selected candidates will be invited to appear for a special direct interview at Zoho Corp.



Thank you!

We are swamped with applications!

We have decided to close the application window and move to the evaluation phase. We will again open for admissions for the School for Graduate Studies in June 2022. Keep an eye out for announcements in our social media handles.

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